About Us

The story of HeartCore began when i was 16 years old, back in 2007 when i created my very first fashion collection and presented it during summer town festivities. Almost 10 years later in 2016 I’ve decided to create backless T-Shirts under “Arvest Tarber” brand, which sparked a fashion wave that became mainstream in the years to come.

When we first started creating our gorgeous backless T-shirts there were no fashion brands or designers with the same concept – and that’s why we are so proud to see concepts similar to ours reaching mainstream popularity.

HeartCore strives to create efortless clothing that will emphasize the uniqueness and character of every girl who wears our products. Each product is carefully crafted to become the perfect addition to your personal style.

We’re grateful for all the love and support from you, our amazing HeartCore Girls and we hope that our clothes will live in your closet forever.

Jelena Karović   / CEO