How We Started

With a brilliant idea, a night out and the need to wear something effortlessly sexy, simple and comfortable.


First backless T-Shirts were made under the brand name Arvest Tarber (which translates to "Different Art") and sparked a fashion wave that became mainstream in the years to come.


After a small break, our iconic piece came back under the joyful eye of the "HeartCore" brand. Production resumed locally in Serbia and has remained there ever since.


In the aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic, HeartCore still remains ethically and locally produced brand acting against fast fashion. 

Style in Every Detail

HeartCore strives to create efortless clothing that will emphasize the uniqueness and character of every girl who wears our products.

Each product is carefully crafted to become the perfect addition to your personal style.

We're grateful for all the love and support from you, our amazing HeartCore Girls and we hope that our clothes will live in your closet forever.